4 1/4" Purification Lailokens Awen candle


Use to purify the body and spirit of negative energies.

6" Black Cobra Figural Candle


Cobras represent power, authority, domination, and control and in this form can be used for protection, reversing negativity, disarming enemies, separation & hot footing workings.

6" Blue Taper Candle-Thick


Blue is associated with peace, healing, clarity, and removing jealous & envy from your life.

6" Green Taper Candle-Thick


Green is associated with financial success and all money related matters, and can be loaded with herbs like oakmoss, alkanet, and sassafrass to attract abundance into your life!

6" Praying Hands Candle


Burn this petitionary candle for blessings, healing, peace, and protection.

6" White Taper Candle-Thick


White is associated with jinx removing, uncrossing, peace, clarity, blessings, and balance.

7 1/2" Green Cat Figural Candle


Bring luck, money, and success into your life.  Anoint with Money Drawing Oil and write the amount of money needed on a piece of parchment paper and place beneath the cat candle. Burn the candle daily until results are achieved!

7 1/2" Witch Figural Candle


Employed for love drawing and bewitchment, make magic work for you with the powers of the witch.

8" All Seeing Eye Money Pyramid Candle


Attract money and fortune to you effortless and claim the blessings that are meant for you.

8" Red Penis Figural Candle


Burn this red penis candle for desire, attraction, love, and lust.

9" Double Action Reversing Green & Black Taper Candle


This black and green jumbo pillar candle draws good luck, success and money while removing negative influences and energies around you.

9" Red Devil Figural Candle


Stop negative energies and forces from interfering with your love relationships.