20" Stainless Steel 2.5mm Box Chain


Product Code: CHBOX2520" stainless steel box chain, 2.5mm - a perfect way to show off your new pendant or charm!

7 African Powers Coin

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Etched with a timeless symbol of the Orishas, this powerful coin is a powerful symbol of protection and aid. Made in USA. No cord. Pewter. 1 1/4"

Abi Dyus for Personal Transformation talisman


Product Code: IA05For Personal Transformation.Each talisman is produced in zinc and includes a link chain, satin pouch, and a comprehensive leaflet with all meanings in cello bag.Approximate size: 1.3" x 1.3" (33 mm x 33 mm).

Abraca Triangle Charm for Unexpected Good Fortune amulet


Product Code: SCC90 One of the most famous amulets in history, this ancient charm was used to obtain Magical Powers and to encourage Unexpected Good Fortune.Made of brass and copper. Approximate size: ½" x 2".

Abracadabra amulet


Product Code: HAM40Abracadabra was a magical phrase intended to cure fever & illness. Devised by Serenus, personal physician to the Roman emperor Caracalla. One says the phrase nine times dropping the last letter each time until only the A is left. This symbolic diminishing was thought to reduce the illness in the same way.

Acorn Faerie for Fertility & New Beginnings


Product Code: GW10Woodland gardeners, the acorn sprites gather and plant the Oak tree's seeds where they will thrive, and so maintain the woodland balance. As allies to humans, they will lend their green fingers to Fertility & New Beginnings. Approximate Size: 1¾"x1⅓"

Adi Buddha for Peace and Creativity


Product Code: BD15Buddha existed before everything and is the infinite, omniscient being who created all.For peace and creativity.Approximate size: 1 ¼"x1"

Adore Circle Love Vial


Product Code: LV3Love Vials Keepsake Pendants by Starlinks! Our Love Vials hold small amounts of anything you cherish. Fill with Sand from a Beach vacation, Perfume scent, Ashes of loves ones or pets, a wish or a prayer written on paper, dried Flowers, a lock of hair… the possibilities are endless.Each pendant is made from Stainless Steel and closes securely...

Agnus Dei for Spiritual Knowledge and Wisdom


Product Code: KT8The Pascal Lamb was a favoured Templar symbol of charity and chivalry, depicting the highest good that can be achieved through self- betterment. The symbol was used in the seals of many Knights Templar, in recognition of the blessings of knowledge and wisdom. It is worn for Spiritual Knowledge and Wisdom.Made of high quality nickel-free and lead-free pewter...

Air Dragon Pendant for Mental & Communication Skills


Ancient Magic Pendant for Mental and Communication Skills Product Code: AMP269Flying high above the mundane world, Air Dragon brings inspiration and intuitive knowledge. For Mental and Communication Skills.Crafted in lead free pewter and provided with a black hanging thong.   Approximate size: 1¾" x 1½".

Alban Eiler (9 Mar - 31 Mar) Charm to invoke Grace


Celtic Birth Charm to Invoke GraceProduct Code: BC04 The Celts knew five seasons with Alban Eiler, the vernal equinox, coming in the spring. Those born under Alban Eiler are gifted with the grace and elegance of the Celtic Sun God's swan-maiden bride.Sterling silver pendant, approximate size: 1".

Alban Elfed (9 Sep - 1 Oct) Charm to invoke Stamina


Celtic Birth Charm to Invoke StaminaProduct Code: BC12 At Alban Elfed (Autumn Equinox), day and night are of equal measure and the Stag symbolises nature's survival through the lean winter months. To the Celts, this mighty animal was totem of horned god Cernunnos and magical Merlin. Those born under this sign possess dignity and endurance.Sterling silver pendant, approximate size: 1"...