In the rootworking traditions of the south, the art of candle setting and ministering is utilized both in spell and prayer work to provide fuel and light for the manifestation of one’s petitions, desires, and will, and to divine the energies of the situation. The practice has its roots in times long past and today these practices are thriving and continually evolving to fit the needs of the communities they serve. Today, in most cases, candle service is used for those who want additional support and energy for their rootwork, as well as for those who cannot burn vigil, novena, or offeratory candles in their home, due to safety and privacy related issues. 


There are many reasons for candle setting and these include (but are not limited to):




fertility/ virility/ strengthen sexual nature

cleansing/ uncrossing/ jinx killing/ purification

beauty / attractiveness / allure/ glamour

gain control/ power/ compelling

court/ law cases

attraction/ drawing

drive away/ keep away/ boundary setting

empowerment/ magical strengthening

reconciliation/ keeping friendships

gambling/ luck/ fortune


stop gossip/ keep away slander

health/ healing/ protection from harm

home/ family

new love/ deepening a relationship/ marriage/ sensuality/ sex

attracting money/ finding a job/ financial stability

strength/ courage

protection/ evil eye/ reversing

psychic development/ gifts of the spirit

petitioning of saints/ spirits/ gods & goddesses/ orisha


discernment/ wisdom/ insight/ clarity

wishes/ wishcrafting


Setting lights with Lou

When you choose to set lights with me, services are tailored to address your specific needs. The lights are loaded with herbs, oils, minerals, and curios meant to address, give support, or relieve the spiritual conditions in question.  In addition, I will pray over them as they sit on my personal altar, in order to fully divine the messages that spirit has to offer you.

My services include: providing the loaded and charged candle, making a petition tailored to your situation (which is affixed as the candle burns), sending you two pictures of the light and its progression (one after the initial loading and lighting, and the second after its completion on the altar), and an email detailing the results of the burn. The report also provides guidance towards any manifestable outcomes or suggest rituals that might help you move closer to your goals. All lights are $18 each.


Preparations for Candle Setting

For all settings, you will need to send me some information in order to craft your petition strategically towards your goals. In an email please include: your name, the name of the person the candle is intended for (yours or a target), and a brief paragraph explaining what you want the candle to help you manifest (your desire). Also  include the birth dates of all parties involved, as this helps me to zero-in on the energies involved. This is not a necessary detail, if you do not know some or all of them.  You can send this information to

You may decide that you would like to add pictures or photos to your candles. If you would like to, please send them also to


Synchronized Dual Light Setting

I use this method when someone would like to synchronize their candle burning with mine. First, we agree upon a date and time and then we will both simultaneously pray and light the candles while in our different locations. My candles are set on my home altar.


Sequential burning

Before the ritual begins, we select the number of candles you would like to set. Then we agree upon a good sequence for burning each of them given your situation. At the completion of each burn, i will carry the petition over to the next candle as a way of providing continuity in addressing the issue.

Selecting the right number of candles for this type of setting is determined by the situation and i will give you guidance in choosing this number. We can use a small amount of candles (like 2), or we can select the amount based upon the corresponding number that best matches your goal. some examples are: 3- road opening, 5-manifesting & love, 7- success, luck, health, spirituality, and grace, 9- transitions, transformations, and connecting to other realms & spiritual guides,  and 11-lady luck, invisibility, crossroads workings, and domination.


Candle Setting for specific events

Often people set lights for a future event that they know is coming, such as surgery, test, court appearance, a job interview or a romantic date, so they can have as much energy going into the event as possible. When you choose this candle setting option, i light the candle on the day before your important event to ensure that you are as strong as possible for it.



All lights are $18 a piece and include: the loaded and charged candle, a petition which is tailored to your desire, and affixed to the glass as it burns, two pictures of the light, and its progression (one after the initial loading and lighting, and the second after its completion on the altar), and an email regarding any outcomes which may manifest, or ritual suggestions which might help you move closer to goals.

Community Upliftment

Remedie arts wants to give back to community by burning a candle every week in honor of those who need support in their lives. To nominate yourself or someone close to you, please include their name, a brief description of the situation, and your petition.  every Monday we will post to our facebook page with a photo of the set light and a description of the situation with all names email nominations to