Ifalade Tashia Asanti

Ifalade (e-fah-lah-day) Ta’shia (tah-shee-ah) Asanti (ah-sawn-tay) is a nationally celebrated spiritual teacher, master intuitive and orisa/ifa priestess.  In an article about tashia’s work as a healer and teacher, the new york times said, “iya ta’shia is a priestess with a good head on her shoulders.”


Ifalade began her journey in the orisa tradition in 1992 under the guidance of her then padrino, angel lebron and iya adeloni of the house of Pimienta, Havana, Cuba.  Ifalade went on to be initiated to orisas yemoja (head) and shango (feet), as well as to isefa in 2000 by oloye ifa karade whose lineage extends to Ile Ife, Nigeria.  Ifalade received supporting initiations under the guidance of Iyanifa Ifalola Omobola and Awo Ifasola Odunade from Atlanta, Georgia.

Culminating 18 years of study, practice and worship in the orisa & ifa tradition, ifalade made her journey to atlanta, georgia to receive itefa initiation from the late, great chief kofi zannu medahochi (ibae).  she and her mat brother baba ifalawo were among the last few to receive the healing medicine of this frontrunner in the orisa traditions before he passed on the great ile in the sky....

In 2003, Ta’shia and her temple members, organized and produced the first international ifa conference which featured 26 speakers from ifa, voudoun, curandera, candomble and lukumi spiritualities.  In 2006, the temple ta’shia co-founded reached 27 ifa initiates and 50 members nationwide giving it the right to establish an official lineage in the state of colorado.  tashia gave birth to the ogundeji ajake lineage supported by irete meji.   Ogundeji ajake lineage was officialized before elders and the community at the cleo parker robinson theatre with support of local orisa elders and priests.

Following the charge of her teacher, oloye ifa karade to, "return the people to the tradition," ifalade and ile ori worked diligently to present a positive and healthy image of not only ifa but all african and indigenous spiritualities.  Thus, ifalade created the national institute for indigenous cultural studies which invited local, national and internationally recognized spiritual and cultural teachers to educate communities on indigenous spirituality.  

In 2015, ifalade crowned her 122nd godchild in ocha.  this cemented her vision of creating an inclusive orisha society with multi-ethnic, sglbt, gender non-conforming and hetero-identified members. With a career spanning two decades, with milestones in radio, tv, print journalism, creative writing, filmmaking and theater arts, ta’shia is excited to share her journey as an activist, spiritual teacher and iyalocha! 


Readings & Rates:

Opele $125

Ikin divination $125

Life reading $125

Tuning in &  master life reading $225


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